Twisted Desire

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Ethan Lockhart had found his mate, and he wasn’t very happy about it. He didn’t want a mate—didn’t need a mate. The Fates had already messed with his life in ways that had changed everything, and none of it for the better.

But they just had to go and throw the woman of his dreams in his face when they knew damn well, thanks to their meddling, he couldn’t claim her. Yeah, he was tired of playing their games, but somehow he would have the last laugh. All he had to do was avoid her, and her mouthwatering scent.

Camryn Dochart was proud of the life she lived. As the owner of Cam’s diner, she worked hard, but never had the time to play hard. She longed for a mate. Someone to share her life with.

When her sexy hunk of man strolled into her diner, she thought she would finally get her happily ever after. Little did she know, her mate had no intention of giving into the Fates.


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