Tobias: The Carmichaels Book 2

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Being the second son had its perks, but having Deacon as your older brother was sometimes a pain.

Tobias didn’t mind not being the oldest. He was actually glad. He got all the advantages of being a Carmichael without all the obligations. He wasn’t a slacker by any means. But he didn’t carry around the weight of the Starlight Ranch on his shoulders. While Deacon kept everything running smoothly, Tobias was out in the trenches, so to speak. He was a working cowboy and proud of it.

His love life, however, wasn’t so great. He tended to fall fast and hard, which usually ended up badly. So when he met an incredible woman one night at a bar in Malady Springs, he didn’t mind parting the next morning, not knowing anything about her.

Fate had other plans and when the woman showed up at the ranch, Tobias was unsure of how he felt about it. Nothing in the real world could compare to that one magical night.

Or could it?

Tobias is the second book in the Carmichael Series and follows Tobias on his unpredictable path to finding the woman of his dreams.


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