Creating A Future


After nursing a broken heart for two years, Moira is more than ready to get her life back. Which is why she decides not to cancel her sailing trip to the British Virgin Islands despite the virus sweeping the country.

After a week in luxury turns into her worst nightmare, Moira finds herself alone and trapped not just in a different country, but also in a lifestyle she knows very little about. Thank God she runs into Boone, a seasoned sailor who just so happens to be drop dead gorgeous.

As the two search for survivors, they turn to each other for comfort in more ways than one, and Moira is forced to accept the fact that she just might be suck in the BVIs for good. But with Boone at her side, the prospect doesn’t seem too horrible despite the many horrors the virus has created.

Stuck in paradise and fighting for their lives, Boone and Moira must do whatever they can to create a real future for themselves.


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