Through the Maelstrom

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Christophe Jones never asked to be a pirate. Pressed into a crew, he moved up in rank to make his eventual escape. When he finally has a chance to cut ties and return to his former life, he takes it…or tries to.

A whirling maelstrom sucks him beneath the waves. Only, he doesn’t drown. Instead, Christophe finds himself 300 years in the future, captivated by a beautiful woman. 

Serena’s 28th birthday cruise isn’t going as planned. The only one of her friends who didn’t cancel gets sick on the voyage, forcing Serena to spend her birthday alone. 

As an introvert, there’s little chance of meeting new people – at least on purpose. So, when a wish upon a falling star comes true, can she open her heart to a handsome stranger who claims to be an 18th-century pirate?

Christophe attempts to woo the siren who summoned him through time, but she’s convinced he’s nothing but a con man playing a part. 

They must determine if fate brought them together or if it’s just a trick of the Bermuda Triangle.


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