Three Weeks Last Spring

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Friday Harbor, a picturesque small town in the Pacific Northwest, and a haven for fishermen and yachtsmen. For Skye Dunbar, it is a place where she can overcome the pain of a broken heart and put her life back together. Renting a cabin by the shore, the last thing she expects is to be accused of computer hacking by her landlord.


Jedediah Walker is investigating the dead marine life washed up on the island’s beaches. When he discovers the fish contain a high concentration of toxic chemicals, he suspects someone is deliberately dumping them in Puget Sound. Swift to jump to conclusions, he suspects the auburn-haired woman renting his cabin is somehow involved.


Skye tries to ignore him, but necessity throws them together as they struggle to find those responsible for the environmental atrocity.

1 review for Three Weeks Last Spring

  1. Coolestmommy R

    This story mixes a little bit of all of my favorite things. There’s mystery and intrigue, some nerdy characters, a budding romance, and a couple red herrings to keep me guessing. Skye and Jeddediah both have some secrets they need to keep, but will these secrets bring them together or tear them apart? And are they as trustworthy as they seem on the surface? The intrigue kept me listening to the very last page, while cheering for a romance to work between Jeddediah and Skye.

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