Third Charm

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Want to know how to ruin a holiday? Have the guy you gave your virginity to and then dumped you to move to another country show up. Not kidding. It definitely puts a damper on the holiday festivities. Especially when your current boyfriends take an instant seething dislike to him. 

What’s a girl to do? Get falling-down drunk, that’s what. At least, there was plenty of pie.

On a good note, ex-boyfriends are a much smaller problem to deal with than angry, hungry demons.

I had that going for me, too. Somebody stole the Blackwell family grimoires from back home and decided to open a roaming portal to hell in Cedar Falls. Of course, demons don’t find anything yummier than a smorgasbord of local residents. Now, I have to find the witch who did it and find a way to seal the doorway to hell before we run out of food…I mean, people.

It’s a damn good thing I have a coven that loves me. I didn’t mean it that way. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Please note: The Lovin’ the Coven series are intended for mature audiences. 18+ listeners only! They contain graphic language and sexual situations. This is a medium burn reverse harem where the girl gets all the guys. Why choose?  Harem members added as series progresses. M/M themes begin in the fourth book. Lovin’ the Coven will be a seven-book series.

1 review for Third Charm

  1. Mia Harper

    Once I started this book I couldn’t stop I’m hooked and can’t wait to continue with the series. Dot is strong and sassy and takes no prisoners. She draws people to her as soon as she arrives in her new town, and finds herself with a new coven and mystery to solve. I need the next book! 5 stars and highly recomended!

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