Keeping Faith

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Kane: Unhappily married. Yeah, that sums up my life. I messed up with that shit decision. I still have my sister though. When I attend her wedding, I run into an old friend. Ivy. When she admits that she had feelings for me, I take her home like any good man would do. I didn’t expect all the complications that came with it though. She was used before me, and I want to show her that I’m not the same as him. The problem is, I am.

Ivy: I fought cancer and won. I fought a useless husband and won. When I see Kane again, I lose. Badly. I always had a crush on him when we were kids. I never thought the feelings would still be there years later. One night with him and my world is thrown off balance. His club is his life, and I know that. When my cancer comes back in full force, I do the one thing I can. I run. He will chase me. He told me he would. When the tables turn, will I do the same?

1 review for Keeping Faith

  1. Karen Martin

    This is a MC book.
    I was absolutely hooked in the storyline of this book.
    The plot is well thought out and developed.
    The chemistry between the characters is very believable
    there seem to come to live.
    There’s action drama and romance.
    I found it a bit of an emotional read
    I voluntarily listen and review this book.

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