The Scavenger


She was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now, he must protect her, but only if he can earn her trust!

When Royce is assigned to protect a new high-profile client, he doesn’t understand how it’s any different from any other case, until he meets the woman he’s supposed to protect and hears her story.

Camille was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Two years ago, she overheard a bratva kingpin order a hit on a senator’s family. After the brutal killing by a Russian kill team, she was taken into custody by the Feds and placed in WITSEC. Now, she has been brought to Chicago to testify against the Russian mafia boss.

Royce is used to difficult clients, but Camille proves to be much more difficult than anyone he’s ever met. She’s a deadly combination of mouthwatering curves and wicked intelligence, and trusts no one.

What should be a straightforward assignment takes unscheduled turns when secrets, lies, and betrayal threaten to derail the job. If he is going to keep her safe, Royce has to convince Camille to trust him. He will need to use all of his skills and connections to keep the woman of his dreams alive, but will trusting him bring another massacre, one that takes her life too?


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