The Green Pearl Caper

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Celine Sutherland is dead – her body half-hidden under the Atlantic City Boardwalk – and Damien Dickens, P.I. killed her. Detective Lt. James Holmes found Damien’s gun and wallet near the crime scene, and discovered Celine’s cash-filled, emerald-studded evening bag hidden in Damien’s apartment. Sylvia Sutherland, Celine’s older sister and CEO of the family’s tobacco empire, insists that Dickens pulled the trigger. And the Sutherlands carry a lot of influence in Atlantic City. Even Damien’s secretary has deserted him – gone to work for the Sutherlands. Only Celine’s younger sister, Susan, believes in his innocence.

After Susan bails him out of jail, Damien follows his gut and a series of clues in order to clear his name. His quest takes him to several Atlantic City landmarks, inland to Everettville, a small New Jersey town, and north to Vermont, where he confronts Celine’s killer.

The Green Pearl Caper, set in the summer of 1979, is the first in a series of Damien Dickens mysteries.

1 review for The Green Pearl Caper

  1. P. A. Still

    I requested a free audiobook copy, and this is my unbiased review.
    I chose this book based on its rave reviews and wanted to settle in with a good whodunit mystery story. However, this one fell short for me in development and narration.
    I loved the intriguing twist of Dickens being charged with the murder at the start and having to clear himself before pursuing the true killer. But the archaic writing style, use of adverb-laced dialogue tags, and the narrator’s monotoned voice made for a painful listening experience.
    If the other books in this series are of the same style, I wouldn’t enjoy.

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