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P. A. Still
Happy wife, mother, grandmother, and quirky author who loves well-developed characters and stories. I will give unbiased reviews for Historical Fiction, Cozy Mystery, Mystery, and others of interest.
Favorite Audiobook
Catching the Wind by Melanie Dobson
The Hanged Man’s Noose “Good Mystery I received a free copy. This is my unbiased review. Author, Judy Penz Sheluk, created a believable charming town. Emily is sent there to snoop on a greedy man with a secret past. She has secrets of her own. When someone in town murders the opposition, Emily digs into the area’s long buried past to discover the murderer. I enjoyed Suzanne T. Fortin’s portrayal of the characters. She has a soothing, clear, and even- keel voice. Nothing was exaggerated. There were a few unnecessary scenes that slowed the pace and threatened to bore me, however, overall the story kept my interest.”
The Green Pearl Caper “Disappointed. I requested a free audiobook copy, and this is my unbiased review. I chose this book based on its rave reviews and wanted to settle in with a good whodunit mystery story. However, this one fell short for me in development and narration. I loved the intriguing twist of Dickens being charged with the murder at the start and having to clear himself before pursuing the true killer. But the archaic writing style, use of adverb-laced dialogue tags, and the narrator’s monotoned voice made for a painful listening experience. If the other books in this series are of the same style, I wouldn't enjoy.”