The Fallout Chronicles: Part 1


Raised within the confines of a nuclear fallout vault, Noah and Jaxon have never known the world beyond its walls. But when Jaxon’s coming-out to his parents takes a disastrous turn, he implores Noah to embark on a daring escape with him in search of a new home at a fabled settlement in Florida.

Join Noah and Jaxon as they venture into the unknown, navigating a perilous landscape of love, camaraderie, and unimaginable danger. As they forge new bonds and face monstrous creatures in the post-apocalyptic wasteland, they discover the true depths of their friendship and the power of love against all odds. 

Embark on this heart-pounding adventure with Noah and Jaxon as they unlock the secrets of a shattered world and redefine their place within it.

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