In Love with Alien Santa Claus

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Do you believe in Santa? Yeah, Kris doesn’t either. But since his ship got stranded above earth and an antigravity accident left him with flying reindeer, he’s decided to make the legend come to life. 

The presents he brings aren’t the traditional dolls and rocking horses. Instead, he finds kids who need help – serious help – and gives it to them. Cancer cured. Houses fixed. Parents healed. 

There’s one little girl he helped years ago who he’s kept tabs on. And she’s grown into a beautiful woman. He’s forced himself to keep his distance, but when an equipment malfunction gets him stuck in a chimney, Blitzen brings her to his rescue. 

Will she be able to accept him? Or will the truth of his identity drive her away?

In Love with Alien Santa Claus is a stand-alone science-fiction holiday romance story that features a loving human female and a generous alien. This pause-resisting science-fiction romance story has no cliff-hanger, no cheating, and a guaranteed happy ending!


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