The Dance

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From Amazon and international best-selling author Alison G. Bailey comes a contemporary romance story about what happens after the happily ever.

Bryson Walker stumbled heart-first into the steady rhythm of her life, never questioning whether other possibilities existed. She had been Will’s girl since their junior year in high school, followed him to college, and married him soon after graduation.

In every respect, they were a loving and successful couple, until a series of missteps shattered all of Bryson’s truths. Maybe, their life was nothing more than smoke and mirrors. A performance that was never based in reality.

Hart was barely an acquaintance. He and Bryson shared one brief moment during senior prom, full of friction and heat that ignited a spark. But that night, Bryson walked away, and Hart let her go.

Years later, twisted fate brings Bryson and Hart together again, causing her to wonder if this is her second chance at once-in-a-lifetime.

1 review for The Dance

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    When I first saw the title, I thought this was going to be about a dancer. Then when I started the book, and we went to prom, I thought it was going to be about the dance. But I found out as I listened that this is about the dance of life. Bryson has her whole life mapped out for her. She marries her high school sweetheart and they are well on their way to creating their happiness. Only she didn’t know the truth. Will is a man of appearances and while he likes Bryson, she is not the love of his life. When circumstances separate the two, Bryson is lucky enough to meet Hart. She knew him in high school and their attraction then still remains as strong years later. But will she find happiness with her second chance? This book had me frustrated, in love, happy, tearing and sad….every emotion you can think of, all signs of a great listen. Bryson both frustrated me and did me proud as she matured. She is a strong woman, much stronger than I thought and I love her compassion. Hart is the man we all want to end up with. He is passionate about life, knows what he wants and is caring and sympathetic. Will is the one that you love to hate, And end up loving. It’s an unending dance and will fill your heart, empty and fill it again. Just keep that Tony Bennett playing and the dance never ends.

    Kelli Tager delivers an amazing performance. This is my first narration by her and I thought she was spot on with every character. She has a variety of voices and melded each personality to each voice.I will be watching for more of her.

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