The Book of David

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Neglected by her mother, abused by her stepfather, and trapped in an oppressive cult, Willow Sands has lived the past three years with the shadow of her 15th birthday hanging over her. That was the day her mother handed her over to David, the son of their leader, promising her a future even more bleak than she’d ever imagined. Now, with her 18th birthday and the day of her wedding fast approaching, she’s almost come to accept her fate.

Hope was the last thing Willow expected to feel this close to her wedding, but that’s exactly what she finds in Jared. The more time she spends with him, the more haunted she becomes by the freedom she let slip through her fingers all those years ago. She knows if she wants a real future she’ll have to break free of the crushing grip the cult has on her, and the more she gets to know Jared, the more determined she becomes to gain her freedom once and for all.

Trigger Warning: This book deals with the subject of rape and may be disturbing to some listeners.

3 reviews for The Book of David

  1. Marie McNutt

    This is an amazing story of a girl in a cult community. There was a warning that the book contained harsh topics such as rape and violence. I want to state that though this book did touch on the topics they were so well written as to not be graphically horrifying.
    I was able to emotionally connect to this book and feel the frustration of Willow. Her heart and ability to love was amazing. Her anger and resentment completely real. I was right beside her hating her mother and step father.

    The narrator was amazing. All the nuances and characters were well defined. The narrator kept me very interested in this book. The story kept me enthralled.

    I loved it ! I would love to read more from this author.

  2. Mark Kelso

    I absolutely loved this book. I highly recommend this book. Kate did an awesome job with this book. So much of it rings true in many places

  3. Shan MC

    Listened on Audible. Good narration. The narrator does a clear performance and her voice fits lead character, Willow, well.

    I was a bit bored by this. A lot of the book is just cult stuff, and it’s not even an interesting cult. It’s the typical, non-surprising type of cult that men are the rulers and the women are subservient. Girls are raped by their intended when they are 15, and then forced to marry that person when they are 18. Father David is the cult leader that says he talks to God and their rules are from God. Willow’s wedding is approaching in a few weeks; she is very frightened of her intended husband since the night he aggressively raped her when she was 15. She dreams of escaping again; she escaped briefly after her rape, but she’s scared to try again; her mother has been threatened if she doesn’t follow through. Her mother is a shell of a person, but Willow still tries. The majority of the characters are simple because of brainwashing and lack of education. The “adults” in this cult are the weak and vile that have corrupted the youth of this cult. Father David’s son is a villain along with his father, but he too has been brainwashed. These people think they are doing the right thing because they follow a false God in Father David. Willow is trying to figure out how to improve her situation when she meets fellow cult member, Jared. A connection grows, but both are unsure and fear being punished. It’s a sweet, simple connection. The story just wasn’t for me, but the author did a good job of showing how cult brainwashing works, and how difficult it is to think and live beyond the cult.

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