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Marie McNutt
Speechless: An Autobiography of Child Murder and Rape “This is an incredible story. First I want to applaud the author, this could not have been easy. Having a background somewhat similar I know how easily this can be truth. I love that this is not just a story, it delves into how an abused victim does see themselves. As nothing. I could so well understand the self esteem levels noted in this book. When you are treated as worth nothing, you believe you are nothing. Low self esteem is too high to reach. To the narrator, wow! Well done. She had the perfect tone, the perfect gravity, perfect distance.... if a reader really wants to touch base with an abused victim listen to, or read, this book! Amazing! I to found distance from ‘family’ to be the best option for me.”
The Book of David “This is an amazing story of a girl in a cult community. There was a warning that the book contained harsh topics such as rape and violence. I want to state that though this book did touch on the topics they were so well written as to not be graphically horrifying. I was able to emotionally connect to this book and feel the frustration of Willow. Her heart and ability to love was amazing. Her anger and resentment completely real. I was right beside her hating her mother and step father. The narrator was amazing. All the nuances and characters were well defined. The narrator kept me very interested in this book. The story kept me enthralled. I loved it ! I would love to read more from this author.”
Mail Order Mishap “The characters were very well defined. The storyline was fun and flowed well. I loved the surprise twist in the story. The narration was well done with characters defined. I would recommend this book for historical mail order bride lovers!”