The Black Sea Horde

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The Russian Bear is still up to his old tricks of intimidation and oppression. The victim? The newly independent country of the Ukraine, which lies on the Black Sea, long considered by the Russians as their lake. We’re on the brink of war, and the Pentagon needs covert local intelligence. It’s a job for the nuclear hunter-killer submarine USS New York City. 

Russia’s Black Sea Fleet is intent on flooding into the Mediterranean to face the United States Sixth Fleet. USS NYC is the tripwire and first line of defense. For her weapons officer, Lieutenant Commander Nathan Blake, this is the patrol from hell. Ukraine’s secret weapon is young spy Yana Borisova. Nathan finds himself drawn into her fight, ashore in a foreign land and under the sea. But Yana has another agenda. 

Standing alone against the Black Sea Fleet is one submarine, one man, and his vow: “They shall not pass”. Stand with Nathan onboard the USS New York City as he faces the Black Sea Horde. 

©2018 Stephen Makk (P)2020 Stephen Makk

2 reviews for The Black Sea Horde

  1. Tom Casey

    This review is based on the audiobook.
    I found this story to be what I imagine a real insight to submarine life especially during battle conditions. Very well written and good clear descriptions of personnel and weapons onboard the ship.
    Superb story and the narrator is tremendous, he really brings this story to life, I found myself holding my breathe when the captain orders, äll quiet¨ you are aboard and part of the action.
    I received this audio book from and wanted to give an honest review

  2. Faith

    I think the book would have been an excellent story and I was intrigued by the beginning, but once again here is an author who seems to have such limited skill in writing or such a limited vocabulary, that inappropriate language is what he falls into.

    I wish that the descriptions would post a warning about language and sexual content. It would save me time starting a book I cannot finish and avoid negative reviews for the author.

    The narration, what I heard of it, was excellent.

    I received this audio book from and wanted to give an honest review.

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