The Aging


Something bad is happening….

One touch and a person begins aging rapidly. Years in a single day. Before anyone can react or stop it, entire cities are crippled.

As survivors flee to their homes, Elizabeth and her children watch with an increasing sense of dread as the death toll climbs. Then, when a terrifying way to slow the aging is witnessed online, the enormity of the event becomes clear. Now, waiting it out is no longer an option, finding safety is. But venturing outside is deadly. Come in contact with the wrong person and their days are numbered. Ignore the warnings and it’s over. 

Three weeks later as the event escalates, Elizabeth must trust the survival of her children to the one person who others trust the least. As they embark on a frightening journey through a hostile country with more questions than answers, they’ll soon discover that reaching safety will be more difficult than imagined. In a desperate world where age isn’t a number but a death sentence, can anyone be trusted? 

With tension and suspense unlike any other, The Aging is a high-octane post-apocalyptic thriller that weaves the chaotic world of the past and present together to keep you on the edge of your seat until the last chapter.


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