Tattered Wings

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Are killers made, or are they born?

When lawyer Ian Michaels is drawn into a sensational murder case to represent a killer, he is compelled to find the answer to this question. His client, Kenny Johnson, looks like a normal 16-year-old on the outside, but Ian wants to know what drove the young man to kill. 

During his investigation into the boy’s past, Ian finds an estranged mother who claims she traded Kenny’s soul to the devil to save her own and a cowardly father who remarried and would do anything to keep peace in the family, including turning a blind eye while the stepmother bestowed untold horrors on the boy.

Ian understands that the publicity of the case has affected his life in more ways than one. When his wife leaves him, not only does he see how selfish he’s been for a long time, but realizes he’s been in love with another woman for many years.

Have these circumstances changed his life for the better, or does he wish he had never taken the case?


Come along for the ride. You won’t be able to guess what is going to happen next, no matter how good you are at figuring out plots!

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