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Highly reviewed, the Lillian Dove series is making its way onto audio players, digital readers, bookshelves, and libraries. Frytown, Iowa, a small burg no one heard of, now a prominent place on the map.

Lillian’s back, again with contrary attitude – still battling an ornery convalescent mother, trying to avoid Detective Leveque of Major Crimes, she’s elevated her status to liquor store owner. An alchie owning a liquor store? That’s only the beginning of Lillian putting herself in situations that trigger her stubbornness.

In book two, Suppose, the past haunts her again. This time it’s her girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend fingering her for her girlfriend’s death. She’d have told him to take a jump off the idiot-cliff, only claiming proof. Lillian finds out blackmail isn’t the only thing he’s up to. Feds and a CEO connected with the Chicago Family are after him, and in turn, are on the hunt for Lillian.

Having no experience with crime, other than a former part-time job for the Frytown Police Department, Lillian learns fast who to believe and not believe, who to trust and who to run from, as if her life depended on it. It does!

Highly tenacious and high on resilience, despite the added manipulations from her mother, Lillian faces the CEO gangster who thinks the world was meant just for him.


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