Locked Doors Of Time A Book & Page Nottinghill Lane Mystery, Book 2

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The attractive green-eyed detective Michael Book has found romance with handsome blue-eyed blonde artist Jack Page in his carriage-house studio on Nottinghill Lane in charming Bluewater City on Rainbow Lake.

But secrets abound as they begin to explore and restore the hidden secret garden that has been discovered on the property. Mysteries grow amidst the flowers and, possibly, a historic murder, too.

Nottinghill Lane is a small community within a small community, and its inhabitants have secrets, and even secrets within their secrets. As friendly as the book-obsessed neighbors are, the residents like to keep the lane it’s own private world, as its founder artists William St. Fellows and his sister Flora originally planned it as a creative utopia in the 1800s.

Perhaps, even if Mike and Jack and their friends can solve the mysteries within the rediscovered secret garden, the beautiful garden might well remain secret to the outside world.

If there was such a garden, and there was such a place as Nottinghill Lane…


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