Shadow Of Doubt – Part 1

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What happens when you fall for the one you are forbidden to love? 

Erebus is a bit of a lost soul. He’s a guy so he should be out to have fun but unlike the rest of his kind, he is solemn and withdrawn. That is, until he meets Aurora, a law student at Cornell University. His entire world is shaken. Feelings he’s never had and urges he’s never understood take over. These strange longings drive him to question everything about himself. 

When a jealous ex stalks back into his life, he must decide if he is willing to risk everything to be with Aurora. His desire for her could destroy her, or worse, erase his own existence forever.

Part 1 of 2

1 review for Shadow Of Doubt – Part 1

  1. Jerry Harkey

    Erebus is a Shadow, a mysterious (and unexplained) breed of being that only come to life at night and live as Shadows during the day. He is forbidden to have a relationship with a human or ever divulge his true nature to one under penalty of death by his Society. Yet, love tries to conquer all with an inexplicable attraction between he and Aurora, a young woman who is also “special” (in some way never revealed). Alas, nothing ever really happens in this Part 1. The narrator reads (pause) like it (pause) is the first time (pause) she’s seen (pause) the book. Between the distraction of the horrible narration and the lack of action, I could only gut out this first book. Sorry, no Part 2 for me.

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