Priceless Love


The boss is back! From best-selling author Lexy Timms comes a billionaire romance that’ll make you swoon and fall in love all over again. 

Erica is back, and everything should be back to normal. They’re the happy little family Mark envisioned again.


But it just isn’t that simple. And even though Mark had known that they would have to really work at it, it seemed harder than he’d imagined. Even though, Erica is seeing a therapist. Even though, she’s trying with Emily. Even though, they have a couple’s therapist now.

But Erica still doesn’t want to sleep with Mark. She won’t even share a room with him. And Mark doesn’t know for a fact that she won’t leave again.

And Amber is still around with the promise that she will be there once Erica leaves, making Mark wonder if he is fighting for the right thing. Their history, by the way, is still a secret.

Just before it all falls apart, Mark and Erica seem to break through the invisible wall that separates them, and for the first time, there is hope that they can get through this. Until Amber tells Erica what happened between her and Mark.

Will Mark and Erica be able to get through yet another trial? Or is the fragile structure of their relationship just not strong enough?

Please note: This is steamy romance, not erotica.


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