Precious Little Thing


The boss is back! From best-selling author Lexy Timms comes a billionaire romance that’ll make you swoon and fall in love all over again!

“Success isn’t having everything you want, it’s having everything you need.”

Mark had everything: a beautiful wife about to have their first child, a country club the rich and the famous flock to, and the kind of life anyone would dream of living. And then Erica walked out on him, and everything fell apart….

Now, he’s struggling to juggle caring for a newborn with running the country club. Between the sleep deprivation and the long days, he’s struggling to even keep himself going, let alone handle the rest of it. His brother and sister-in-law are there to help, of course, but they have their own lives to live, and there’s only so much they can do.

In the midst of everything else, Mark finds his attention captured by a beautiful, dark-eyed woman. She’s intelligent, wealthy, and looking for more than membership at the club. And Mark is inclined to give her what she wants. But he can’t stop thinking about the woman who left him. Can’t stop hoping to get back the family he thought he was building with her.

Who will he choose when he’s forced to decide between the woman he married and the one he thinks he might be falling for in her absence?


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