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Eight-year-old Evan Laine is afraid. He’d lost a finger in a car accident, but now, it is slowly growing back. There are other changes, too. Changes he can’t hide from his mom. And dreams. Dreams from which he wakes, screaming.

They are after him – the beautiful redheaded woman and the drooling boy/ man. They want him to change. They are making him change, shaping him into something just like them.

Bonnie Laine knew there was something wrong with her son. She’d seen the skin sloughing off his belly in long, wet sheets. She’d heard his screams in the night. And now, she’d seen them. The followers, hunting her son. They want Evan for something. Something too terrible to imagine.

But Bonnie will do anything to save her son. Even if it means joining forces with a murderous man who may be far more dangerous than the creatures pursuing them.

2 reviews for Nightscape

  1. Mia Harper

    Wow I loved this book, it gave me some serious chills, the whole series of events that lead to Bonnie reuniting with her son was scary, but nothing compared to the nightmare that begins to unfold as they try to deal with the strange changes happening to Evan. Nothing is as it seems, including their allies, who could be more dangerous than the unknown. I was shocked at the strange turn as the danger stalking Evan an Bonnie comes from a different source, it left me wrung out as Bonnie is faced with another impossible choice. Definately a must read.

  2. Laura

    I received this book for free. I am voluntarily posting this review and any opinions expressed herein are my own.

    This book is labeled as horror but it is actually more paranormal. I did not find the story to be scary or creepy. There were several plot holes, which you just have to accept to move the story along. The ending, to me, did not mesh with the rest of the story. There was some good humor.

    The narrator, Rebecca Ehrenpreis, was oddly flat and at times almost robotic. The character voice for Bonnie [Evan’s mother] was just odd – kind of Betty Boopish and the detective’s voice reminded me of Droopy, the Bassett Hound cartoon character.

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