Necropolis Tryst

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Kent Hill presents a double whammy, a double feature, one part heart and one part laughs. Necropolis Tryst begins your listening experience with a tale close to life, full of laughs, love, and tragedy. His over-the-top style comes back to earth in this coming of age that shows Hill is not only a madman, cracking jokes at whirlwind speed, but he is fully human, a romantic and poet. And once you are nice and wet, dip into the genre-splicing parody fest “Zombie Park”. A wild and bizarre ride through a kaleidoscope of movies that include Predator, Aliens, and of course, Jurassic Park. Why get one? Rejoice dear listener, in thy double feature.

1 review for Necropolis Tryst

  1. Norma Miles

    “For me to conceal and you to ponder.”
    Perhaps, not being a sex obsessed teenage misfit, I missed the point of this story. It starts crudely, then adds violence, with constant sexual nuances of lust, longing and screwing suggested throughout. It is well narrated by pleasant!y voiced Mike Carnes, just as it is well written, conjuring mind pictures, a con artist game perpetrated on the reader, littered with name dropping of popular songs, films and books woven into the sentences, like The King and I (“Shall we dance?), Ground Hog Day, Green Eggs and Ham, and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Clever, uncomfortable – and definitely not my thing.

    This short book was a freely gifted, complimentary download, given, at my reqjest, via Audiobooks Unleashed

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