Twisted Memories (Twisted World, #2)

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Twenty years ago, Angus James woke to find himself in a sterile room. On the other side of the locked door, doctors worked to manipulate a virus, using him as their ultimate pin cushion.

He was supposed to be dead – and there were moments over the next two decades when he wished he was – but despite his torturous existence, he remained a fighter. Through pain, love, loss, and heartbreak, Angus traveled a road that took him on a journey much bigger than the room to which he was confined. As the world moved forward without him, he fought to hold on to as much of himself as he could, determined to make it out of his prison a whole man.

Outside the walls of the CDC, Angus’ family worked to move on. But between the dark rumors surrounding the man in charge and a twisted new religion that threatened to turn their lives upside down, starting over has begun to seem impossible. With more and more of the freedoms being stripped away, and more devastating losses piling up around them, the group found themselves wishing they’d never set foot in New Atlanta in the first place and wondering if leaving was even an option….

Travel back with Twisted Memories and experience the emotional journey Angus James was forced to take during his 20 years as a prisoner. Discover how he came to be a father, what he did to stay sane during his long confinement, and how he managed to earn his freedom.

5 reviews for Twisted Memories (Twisted World, #2)

  1. Shan MC

    Great narration and I really enjoy the writing. Love the post-apocalyptic world building the Kate L. Mary does. Entertaining story. I think this book would have been better as an ending book for the series this series is a spin-off of, or for this to be the first book of this spin-off series. I didn’t read the previous series, so I was missing the emotional connection to the characters of this one a bit. I also couldn’t fully enjoy this one because I just want the story to continue rather than dwelling on the past. I’m probably just impatient. This book is kind of morose because you know all these characters are going to suffer. There’s lots of POV’s in this one, and it gives the story of the going-ons between the other series and the first book of this series. The story ends in the same spot as the first book and the novella, so there wasn’t any new scenarios. If you are a fan of either series, you’ll probably enjoy getting a deeper look at the lives of each character. I’m excited to see how this story will play out. Definitely listen to the audio if you choose to read Twisted Memories, job well done!

  2. Mia Harper

    I Loved this book, it had a very dark feeling, even the zombies had nothing on the CDC! It was shocking the lengths they went to, so twisted, I’m in awe of Kate L Mary’s imagination, as well as a little scared! I need to start the next book, this one unfortunately ended on a cliff-hanger!

  3. Mark Kelso

    these books keep me hanging on top almost every word. when the book ends I’m always ready for the next one

  4. RJ

    This volume, “Twisted Memories” could be called a prequel. It gives an account of Star’s father who headed the CDC, the development of the virus, the initial breakout of the virus, Angus’ imprisonment, and the introduction of several key players that appear in volumes one and one-point-five; such as Angus, Axel, Helen, Jackson, and Glitter. It provides a detailed background of elder Star’s work at the CDC before the viral breakout, prior to Jackson Star, Megan, and your first glimpse of Donaghy. In closing, the story brings you up to present in line for the next and final volume. Four.point.five. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

  5. Carole Wooten

    I enjoyed this book in the Twisted series. This book fills in all the gaps between the Broken World series and the events in the first book in this series. This is a series that would best be read in order and I do believe that this series works best when read after the Broken World series. I have been kind of obsessed with this group of characters this year so I was delighted to have all of my questions about what their lives have been like and what really happened answered in this book.

    Angus James came to Atlanta to save the world. His immunity has made him a precious commodity. Even though he came willingly and wanted to help, the CDC told his family that he had died and used him for one experiment after another. 20 years of experiments. We also get a chance to check in with Axl, Vivian, Jim, Al, Lila, Josh, and Parv. A lot has happened in 20 years and not all of it was good.

    This book covers a lot of time. A lot of the story happens before the events of Twisted World and I did have a moment or two when I wondered why the author chose to wait until the second book to share this information but I don’t think it would have worked well any other way. I hated hearing some of the things that happened to these characters. They have been through so much and it just seems wrong that they had to deal with the kind of evil shown in this story.

    I thought that Heather Firth did a great job with the narration. This book is told from a lot of different perspectives and there a lot of characters that play important roles. I thought that she did a great job keeping all of the voices consistent and I never had any difficulty recognizing the speaker. I also think that she does a great job of adding emotion to her reading. I had no problems listening to her narration for hours at a time.

    I would recommend this series to others. I feel like I have been on quite the journey with these characters and was very happy to find out what happened to them over the years even though a lot of it was heartbreaking. I look forward to reading more of Kate L. Mary’s work.

    I received a review copy of this audiobook from the author.

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