My Possessive Bodyguard

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“You want to keep kissing me?” 

“All the time…” 

Nathan Hayes is tough, and he takes his assignments seriously. When he’s assigned to guard his boss’ daughter, there’s nothing more he wants than to do his job. Day after day, he watches her. Little by little, he discovers that she’s unlike any other he’s ever met. 

While nursing her heart from a recent heartbreak, Hannah Collins believes relationships aren’t meant for her and vowed to never get involved with a man again. 

However, their lives suddenly turned on its head when a tragedy forces them on a road trip, and as the odds stack up against Hannah, she has no choice but to ride through the series of events that end up breaking her heart once again. 

While on the run, Hannah is determined to fight the growing attraction she feels for her bodyguard. Nathan goes all out to keep her safe, even letting his guard down. But he can’t seem to deny the effect she has on his troubled soul. And she can’t seem to keep the distance between them, when her life is constantly at risk. 

But how long is Hannah able to ignore the attractive man who is willing to risk it all, even his heart, to keep her safe? 

Forbidden kisses. Gunfights. Family drama. Secret lovers. 
My Possessive Bodyguard is a roller-coaster ride you surely don’t want to miss! 

2 reviews for My Possessive Bodyguard

  1. Jocelyne

    This was my first Jamilexis Gallardo’s book, and won’t be my last. Nathan and Hannah’s story is suspenseful, sweet, and sexy. The storyline is fast-paced and twisted. I love the ending. Connie Shabshab is a new narrator to me. She has a great voice, easy to understand. She did a great job with the narration.

  2. Rosemary HUGHES

    A family under stress, brings in bodyguards to protect the individual family members.
    One is attracted to his assignment, but she is also attracted to him.
    Due to circumstances, they are pushed together, alone, familiarity arises with close quarters.
    However, ideals are still intact, until..
    Yes it’s a story worth reading/listening to. I found the narrator on the audiobook, did an excellent job of portraying the various characters, adding a further dimension to the overall experience.

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