Mob Bosses & Tax Losses

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A decades-old case. A charismatic gumshoe. A sinister don.


Alfred Favero, senior analyst with the IRS, shouldn’t have muddled the timeline. But curiosity got the better of him. 


There was killing and a cat involved, too, but he’d rather not talk about that. Suffice it to say, a mafia prince is dead, and Alfred is on the run through time with a wrongly accused detective.


To unmask the men framing his new friend, he’ll tangle with New York City’s most sinister criminals. It’ll take all of his knowledge and investigations across multiple timelines to get to the bottom of it, before he finds himself sleeping with the fishes.


Note: No pets are harmed in this book. The cat definitely does not die.


1 review for Mob Bosses & Tax Losses

  1. Julie Howard

    Another story from the time traveling tax man that I couldn’t stop listening to. I just love this series and can’t wait for the next book to be released as it was sort of left on a little cliff hanger. I love Nancy as a character she is a strong independent woman with brains and isn’t afraid to fight back but also has a soft gentle side, even Alfred has grown on me as he develops in each book, under the carefully eye of Nancy.
    As Alfred prepares to give a speech in front of his peers and colleagues about tax laws he is struck by some discrepancies in an old case that he wanted to make as an example of. With Nancy having fixed the time traveling device and more importantly being out of town, Alfred finds he can’t help thinking about how a mob boss got away with breaking the law while his lackey a corrupt cop went to prison. Alfred decides to travel back in time to find out what really happened In 1940 but he has no idea that his little jump will change the course of history because Alfred mistakenly takes back a little fur ball called Satan, who just happens to be Nancy’s cat. It’s not long before Nancy pieces together Alfred’s lies and comes running back to rescue the love of her life. Oh and Alfred. Can the two of them work together and do what the cops of that era couldn’t do? Take down the mob and maybe save some lives in the process?
    I like the narrator he does a good job with the voice of Alfred making him sound guilty and at the same time as always being in the right, which is just perfect for Alfred. I hope he continues with the series.

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