T-Rexes & Tax Law

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A routine tax fraud investigation. A strange lab. A mysterious button. 


He shouldn’t have pushed the button. But Alfred Favero, senior analyst with the IRS, pushed the button. And now he’s 67 million years in the past, stranded out of time with a coworker who hates him and a bunch of tax cheats. Oh, and then there’s the other inhabitants of his prehistoric home: the dinosaurs that want to make a meal of him. Things couldn’t get worse. 


Until a mysterious visitor from an uncertain future shows up with murder on his mind.


3 reviews for T-Rexes & Tax Law

  1. Julie Howard

    This is a different book for me to listen, my choice is cozy mysteries but I fancied a change and the blurb sounded interesting so I gave it a go. Glad I did as I enjoyed it and am going to get book two. Again the title sounds strange and not one I would normally listen to- UFOs and unpaid taxes but some how the author made this one work so I am going to give it a try. I liked it because it was so unusual, there was also a slight mystery (which kept me happy) as to who had followed them and was trying to kill off the survivors. I liked the characters and the way Alfred used creative words for swearing, also the way he has no problems when it comes to his job and upholding the law but life and every thing else he is less assured of himself even if he doesn’t know it.
    When Alfred and Nancy go on a field trip to investigate some irregularities with a company’s taxes and the fact that everybody in the company disappeared, they had no idea that the helicopter ride to the desert and a secret base would change there lives. The empty base in abandoned and there task seems impossible the computer doesn’t work because there is no power. No power that is except for the power running to the big button. The big button that Alfred can’t help but press. Sending them back in time to when the dinosaurs walked the earth and then begins a fight to survive, good job they are able to find the missing scientist. However any changes in the past could effect them in the future and by traveling back in time they have already made one big change that could effect every one and give Alfred a big headache trying to understand it all . Will the change mean they can get back to there own time line or are they stuck?
    I liked the narrator but did have to increase the speed a bit because he talked a bit to slowly, the voices were good though and you could always tell who was speaking.

  2. Krystal

    There are two words that I would use to describe this book: ridiculous and awesome. Ridiculously awesome.

    Picture a hybrid of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory and Sandra Bullock’s character from The Heat. Now imagine that that character got dropped into the middle of the Cretaceous period with his “sidekick” (who, let’s be honest, is really the hero) in the form of a hybrid Leonard/Melissa McCarthy. Ridiculous, right? Awesome, right? Why not create a hybrid of ridiculously awesome?

    This is a book that does not take itself seriously, but does pack a lot of humor and enjoyment. I often found myself laughing or snorting out loud at Alfred’s ridiculousness. He’s not a completely likable character at first. In fact, he may only be tolerable. You’ll get exasperated with his antics (or realize you know someone exactly like him) and roll your eyes. But you know that one person that can annoy the heck out of you, but you end up adoring anyway? That was Alfred for me, and the turning point was when Nancy had to educate him on mansplaining. I wanted to stand up and applaud her for it and give Alfred a pat on the back for realizing what he was doing and attempting to change it.

    Now, Nancy. She’s really the hero in this book, but I like that we’re getting everything from Alfred’s perspective. He’s not the big, buff soldier that takes charge. In fact, Nancy is definitely the leader and capable one in this relationship. Which all leads to this adorable relationship between Nancy and Alfred as Alfred learns to become a little less rigid in rule following and a little more understanding about the rest of humanity.

    I listened to the audiobook version of T-Rexes and Tax Law and absolutely loved it. I think the book would have been entertaining whether I read it or listened to it, but the narrator, John Carter Aimone, adds a whole other level to Alfred’s ridiculousness. He created the perfect mix of comedic timing, cluelessness, and dry wit. Though sometimes the acting was a little over the top or added in odd places, overall it was incredibly enjoyable. The pacing is a little slow though and there’s odd pauses after sentences, but nothing that speeding it up to 1.35x can’t fix.

  3. Jennifer Fournier

    The main character is an egotistical jerk for at least the first third of the book. And yet, you like him, or … at least want to see what happens to him ,,,for which I give a lot of credit to the writer. Takes talent to do that. Great and believable character growth for him.

    Mixed review of the narrator: for the main character – just great. As the narrator voice, he was a bit over the top for my tastes. Unfortunately, there were also several mispronunciations (usually misplaced syllable stress) that were distracting.

    I used a promotional code and received this audiobook at no cost to me.

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