MarvelousCon & Tax Cons

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A routine tax audit. A panicked phone call. A senseless tragedy.


He could have avoided it all. But Alfred Favero, Senior Analyst with the IRS, didn’t. To save the woman he loves, he must rewind time itself to learn the secrets that will claim her life.


But fate isn’t done with him yet. To get to the truth, he must go undercover to a comic book convention. In costume, no less. The stakes couldn’t be higher. But Alfred is determined that his most challenging case yet will not be his last – because he’ll be darned if he’s going to die wearing pointy ears and face paint….

2 reviews for MarvelousCon & Tax Cons

  1. Julie Howard

    I really enjoyed this book, as I am the whole series. The author has a way of making a plot that should be weird really work and each book is so totally different from the last. I am lovely the way she is coming up with new plots for the characters to face with there dry wit and humour. The characters are growing with each book and as they develop you like them a little bit more. I did think it might get a bit confusing having two Alfreds’s in the picture but this is not the case. Can’t wait to start book 4 to see what the author has in store for them next. I would recommend you start with book one because the author doesn’t waste much time going over previous capers (it is mentioned but not in any great detail) and I think it helps to know the background behind the characters, also it great fun.
    Nancy is able to talk Alfred into taking time off work and going to a dreaded comic book convention, his worst nightmare. That is until future Alfred comes to tell him Nancy dies in his time line and he MUST stop it. Alfred soon finds out that no matter what he tries he gets another visit and so enlists help from an unlikely source, Josh Nancy’s ex marine/ex boyfriend. Surely the two of them can keep her safe? Alfred thinks getting Nancy away from work, where all the trouble started, should keep her alive but with a ruthless killer on there heels not even costumes and disguises will help. There is only one thing for it….to go boldly where no man has gone before…Well except for all the geek’s.
    I liked the narrator and hope he sticks with the series because he has slowly worked his way into the voice of Alfred and I can’t imagine anyone else doing it now.

  2. Krystal

    This entire review can be summed up with this: Yes, the Taxman is time traveling again! A time traveling taxman is just too good of a plot device not to bring back, and I’m glad Rachel Ford did so.

    As in the previous books in this series, we get an Alfred Favero who is gung-ho in his role as an IRS agent. But this Alfred is one who is learning how to love and what that means. I enjoyed Alfred’s foray into understanding his emotions and how Nancy plays into that. Add in an Alfred that feels extremely out of place at a nerd convention – but he goes anyway because he loves Nancy and wants her to be happy – and you get a recipe for antics and laughter.

    The plot is pretty obvious and I had a good guess as to where it was going when it came to tax fraud. This series, however, doesn’t depend on a great mystery. The best parts are Alfred and his surrounding cast of characters.

    Again, John Carter Aimone is a great narrator for this series and I can’t imagine Alfred without hearing his voice. I’ll reiterate that Aimone does narrate at a very slow pace, so I’ve routinely upped my speed on the audiobook to 1.35x. It sounds great at this pace.

    One last note … the cover art for this entire series so far has been amazing.

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