Marriage of Convenience Only

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Two years ago, Quincy Sinclair lost his beloved wife. He walls off his heart, placing his attention solely on his cotton crops and raising his two young children. He counts heavily on his sister’s help, not only with running the home, but in caring for his traumatized children – particularly his son who hasn’t spoken since his mother’s death. 

When Quincy’s sister announces her betrothal and imminent move across the country, Quincy is frantic. How can he survive without Helena’s help? But Helena has an idea. She sends for a Mail Order Bride for him. At first angry, Quincy finally agrees to a marriage of convenience.

But Alma Fairman has different ideas. She wants romance, a beau who loves her, and a real marriage. So when she gets to Arkansas, she is devastated. Quincy’s two beautiful children are her only consolation. When she succeeds in getting Quincy’s son to talk, she prays that this might become the catalyst that sparks affection between herself and Quincy. But she is completely unprepared for his reaction. And then tragedy strikes. It seems like Alma will never find the love she desires. Nor will Quincy – unless he’s courageous enough to open up his heart one last time.

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1 review for Marriage of Convenience Only

  1. Janalyn Prude

    I didn’t find the story to be logical, nor make a lot of common sense. When Alma shows up to Mary Quinn she is filled with dreams of love and happy ever after. That is not what Quinn has in mind after losing this love Matilda he doesn’t want to love again, Unfortunately I cannot tell you the most ridiculous thing about this book is it would be a spoiler. If you are bored and just looking for a boat to get you through the next hour to read this book. If you’re looking for something with substance that you can really get into I don’t think this is the book.

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