Marked and Mated: An Alpha Shifter Romance (Book 2)

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She ran from her mate. Now, she must be punished.

Darby Callan doesn’t want a mate, but it isn’t up to her. Her old pack has been disbanded, and when the powerful, handsome alpha of a well-established pack makes it clear that she belongs to him, her instincts reveal the truth of his words, despite her furious protests and attempts to escape.

Jean-Michel Gautier knows that his new mate’s past makes her wary of him, but an alpha cannot tolerate disobedience, and when Darby defies him, he strips her bare and spanks her until she is sore and sobbing. 

Her beautiful body’s response to his dominance is obvious, and his stern correction leaves her helplessly aroused, but before he claims her he plans to make her beg. Naked and quivering with desperate, shameful need, Darby cannot help pleading with Jean-Michel for the climax she has been denied, and soon, she is crying out with pleasure more intense than she would have ever thought possible as he makes her his. 

But when the vicious brute who once hurt her comes looking for Darby again, can she trust her new alpha to protect his mate?

Publisher’s note: Marked and Mated is a stand-alone novel which is the second entry in the Wayward Mates series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

3 reviews for Marked and Mated: An Alpha Shifter Romance (Book 2)

  1. TinaMarie

    Listened to audio narrated by J.T. Farrell. I thought he did a nice job with the accents and breathing life into the various characters. Although I wish there was a bit more variation with the female voices.

    Jean-Michel Gautier is the leader of his pack, he knows he has a tough road with Darby given her history but he is determined to give her the guidance and discipline his mate needs.

    Darby Callan was traded to an abusive alpha, who forced a mating on her. She vows never to be knotted and mated again. She joined a pack of women all determined to escape from forced matings and beatings.

    This book is all about alpha Daddies taking their fated mates in hand with domestic discipline. After Jean-Michel’s pack hunts down the wayward pack of female shifters he realizes Darby is his Fated Mate. He knows she’s been abused but sees his own form of discipline as something she needs to be happy and content, not abuse. When Jean-Michel’s mate disrespects him or behaves badly she faces time in the corner, a mouth filled with soap, as well as many, many spankings.

    This was a battle of wills as Jean-Michel must get past Darby’s walls of fear. She is determined not to be abused and taken unwillingly again. When punishment turns to wild passionate nights she knows he’s her fated mate, whether she likes it or not.

    This genre isn’t for everyone but for those that do, I think you’ll enjoy their Daddy and little girl time and skirting and going over lines of consent.

    This was an okay read for me, I struggled with the fact that they are clearly in the 21st century but it kept feeling like it was more historic. I would have also liked more time to feel their emotional connection. They had a lot of passion in the bedroom after her punishments but I didn’t always feel their connection outside of it.

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  2. Debra Anne Boulier

    Another great audiobook. Love the story line and characters. JT Farrell was good as well. This is a stand alone but also a continuation of a series.

  3. Vicki

    This book was so good, thoroughly enjoyable. It was nice that some of the women and men from book 1 were in this book. Darby gave Jean-Michel a run for his money. She was mated before to an @sshole who was not her true mate and he abused her. Jean-Michel punishes her but not abuse. He really punishes her when she tries to get away from him. At first I did not care for him, but he turned out to be a great mate. I love how Jean-Michel handled Darby’s kidnapping by her old mate. For his mate, nothing was too much to get her back. I am looking forward to the next book in the series Mastering His Mate. JT Farrell did an awesome job with the narration.

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