Mackinac Triangle

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Becky Vasquez was a young medic in the US Air Force. While on a humanitarian mission in El Salvador, she and her team are betrayed by one of their own. Worse yet, it is a man Becky loves. When they are attacked by drug runners and left for dead, Becky’s heartbreak leaves her more wounded than her physical injuries.

Her zest for life gone, Becky heals on the outside and hides her more personal pain. She accepts a job that she hopes will be routine and stress free on Mackinac Island in northern Lake Huron. But Becky hadn’t counted on meeting dashing young Tim Green, who is also running from a checkered past. And neither of them counted on the sudden unexplained disappearances of boats and people in the waters surrounding the area. Will being in danger once more force Becky to take a chance on love once more? 

When it appears an ancient curse is to blame for the mounting disappearances, Becky and Tim are thrust into a final confrontation with the unknown, all while learning they can live and love again.


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