Luke’s Omega Roommate


Scott Tanner doesn’t panic about problems – he plans solutions – but when he finds himself knocked up with his alpha roommate’s baby, his life begins to spiral out of control. Scott decides all his efforts must go into maintaining the grades for his scholarship, rather than risk his future. He can’t keep the baby; adoption would be more responsible. He refuses to allow his emotions or his omega instincts to keep him from the successful life he envisions for himself.

Australian Luke Loughty takes a happy-go-lucky approach to life, and he always lands on top, which is exactly where he likes to be when it comes to Scott Tanner. When their friends with benefits arrangement results in an unexpected pregnancy, Luke is prepared to roll with the surprise and take on the new responsibility of being a parent, alongside a job, football practice, and school.

When the time comes, Scott forces himself to hand over his newborn baby to Luke and signs away his parental rights. He worries he isn’t doing the right thing for either one of them. Scott might plot and outline every second of his life, but Luke has a plan of his own – a family plan.


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