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Humankind have spread to the stars, but so far, the only other intelligent being discovered is a primitive fox-like race called the Kawokee. Sixty years after their discovery, humanity is being inundated by a virus that originated from the Kawokee world.

Jasmine Char believes the cure lies within the native culture. While other scientists look for a chemical solution amidst the growing fear and political landmines, Jasmine has her own reasons for finding a cure. But with the planet’s inhabitants decimated by human interference and misunderstandings, will she find the answers, or will the Kawokee disappear along with the entire human race?

3 reviews for Kawokee

  1. Kyle Hempel

    I will say that I had high expectations going into this book as “I Like Alice” by Stacy Bender is a great book, but I ended up disappointed. The story starts out in an interesting time/universe with lots going on and an alien race which seems really mysterious. As the story develops you get to find out more and more about the race and what everyone is doing on the planet. The issue is most of the characters come off as stereotypes. Without giving out any spoilers I will also say that the reveal at the end of the book feels like a child/teen mystery where they drop little hints throughout but then hit you over the head with something to should have seen obvious to anyone who knew the information beforehand.

    This book was given to me for free at my request and I provided this voluntary review.

  2. Daniel Davis

    Interesting sci-fi story about humans encountering an alien race.and how we react to them much like when the Europeans came to the new World. Then things take a few twists and sadly while we advanced technically some of us haven’t advanced morally

  3. Krystal

    I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

    I had high hopes for this book, but it ended up being fairly mediocre for me.

    The premise hooked me right from the start, and the beginning of the story felt really promising. But then the pace slowed down and nothing really happened. What really aggravated me, however, was the fact that Jasmine Char was supposed to be an anthropologist, but she only acted with a scientific mind half the time. An incident occurs in the last third of the book where Char participates in a Kawokee tradition, but she gets so bored that she no longer pays any attention. You’re an anthropologist! All of this is important to your mission! Without giving too much away, that scene goes on to pay an important part in the end, but because she essentially failed at doing her job properly, Char never realizes it until the last minute.

    All that was honestly too much for me to handle. If Char lived up to her potential as an anthropologist -one who actually does her job- and there was a lot more science built into this book, it could have been really good. But my aggravation with Char and the slow pace left me very underwhelmed.

    Caren Naess did a suitable job as a narrator. Nothing to write home about, but nothing that held the book back, either.

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