Prymus: Gateway

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“It takes more than heroes to save a galaxy.”

Join the galactic wheel of Prymus, and experience the intrigue, espionage, assassination, prophecies, and cataclysmic space battles. Witness the epic adventure of the misfit heroes who desperately struggle to prevent the next galactic war, and the secretive mages pulling their strings.

Inside book one: The forgotten nemesis returns. The pain and sacrifice of a few might yet avert the looming calamity. They will need to overcome ancient prophecy, traitors, and allies to have any chance. To prevent a new dark age of atrocities, it will be necessary to sacrifice the unthinkable and do the forbidden.

Plunge yourself within the newest science fiction universe that is Prymus!

1 review for Prymus: Gateway

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    An intricately woven saga, playing out on different sites, simultaneous.

    As usual, someone wants a bigger slice of the pie, and 6 nations that have known peace for eons are being dragged into a mad man’s grab for control.

    This, being the first in the series has set the scene, and seen the first shots fired. However, it definitely isn’t over, and who are on what sides, are not defined.

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