In the Spirit

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Jessica can’t write a romance with a broken heart.

But she’s under deadline. In desperation, she leaves home and holes up in a romantic cabin in the woods, all by herself. So she thought. Her plans are thrown when she finds the cabin is already occupied. By a ghost. And he won’t let her write unless she solves his murder. 

All might be lost when she starts to fall for the man who might have murdered her dead friend.


1 review for In the Spirit

  1. Thais Dematte

    This was such a great surprise, It was quite different from what I normally read.

    The romance is slowly and cute, the mystery is not that creepy and not much of a mystery, but the way the story was told was really smooth, I never got bored. Since this is a sweet romance (a.k.a no steamy scenes), the plot is heavy, with substance. And it’s a nice refresh from the insta-atraction/love/lust that I’m used to it. I though I wound’s like because hey, I love smexy times! But no, I enjoy it a lot. The characters have depth and are likable.

    I would love a HEA and not the HFN we got, but overall I love it.

    I like this narrator a lot. I could differentiate all the characters, her pace is good and her acting believable.

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