Round Two: An Alpha’s Fight for Love


He’s a hard-bodied champion looking for redemption in love.

The first thing most people notice about John Davies is his size. Bodies don’t ripple with muscles like his without having spent a lot of time in the gym. A fighter all his life, this shifter has always trained with a dedicated focus on becoming the best. Ten years ago, the dark-haired boxer left his sleepy hometown, willing to sacrifice whatever it took in pursuit of greatness. He left everything behind, including the greatest romance he had ever known.

Years ago, Matthew McHale watched his childhood friend and lover step onto a bus and out of his life. He vowed never to let anyone hurt him that deeply again. It’s a promise the handsome nurse has managed to keep by burying the memory deep in the past.

When fate and circumstance return John to his hometown, their paths inevitably cross, bringing all their sexual tension and unresolved emotions to the surface. Enough time has passed for John to realize the mistake he made, but Matthew still hasn’t forgiven him for abandoning their life together, or for continuing to fight knowing the dangers involved.

Determined to win back Matthew’s affections, John decides to do whatever is necessary to recapture their love. Because if boxing has taught him anything, it’s that when you step into the ring, it doesn’t matter if you fall, as long as you get back up and try harder.

Round Two: An Alpha’s Fight for Love is an arousing M/M gay shifter romance featuring a dominant alpha male and his attractive partner getting a second chance at love. This book contains adult language, MPREG, and sensual scenes of gay sex and is best enjoyed by listeners over the age of 18.


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