How Not to Be a Scribe

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Journey back to the city of Amaford through the eyes of someone new.

Roland, a Halfling from the small town of Berstead, journeys into the depths of the infamous city looking to escape his past. Employed as an apprentice to a master scribe, he finds himself within the city’s Tin District. Discover how despite his calculative, tentative nature, and social awkwardness Roland finds everything he previously lacked. Until the presence of a mysterious voice sends his world spiraling into the chaos that is Amaford.

1 review for How Not to Be a Scribe

  1. Ryan Pascall

    What A Fantastic Story.

    It always amazes me how an author can, with just a few words, create. Be it creating an image of a person, a sense of emotion or an entire world, the power of words never ceases to amaze me,

    My reason for this opening statement is I am astounded that in just 4 short hours Zack Brooks has created a living, breathing world, an incredibly likeable character and made me equal parts saddened by his plight and excited for his tale.

    This is a strangely emotive story that touches on such subjects as racism, loss and guilt and I grew in just a few short hours to really care Roland and I was really cheering for him through all the difficult situations he finds himself in and Sean Duregger’s excellent narration really brought the little man to life.

    I admit that when it ended I was sad to see his tale end so suddenly and I can only hope that, one day, I’ll get to experience more of Roland’s exploits in Amaford and maybe, just maybe, visit Berstead.

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