Hopes & Dreams of a Tattooist


The last person gorgeous blonde Lane Deveraux wants in her life is the smoking hot, raven-haired Stephen Raines. After all, Stephen shared ranks with her ex-fiancé, Jax, in an elite military group, and the man knows far, far too much about her. 

Besides, their lives have taken distinctly different turns over the last few years. Lane, a former soldier herself, is now a Hollywood starlet, and Stephen is a budding ink master at Flying High tattoos, apprenticing under the best of the best, Hawk. 

Despite their differences, Lane and Stephen are drawn together. The passion between them is wickedly dangerous. Even more dangerous is the person who wants Lane dead – along with the pool of deep, dark secrets Lane and Stephen are hiding from each other. 

In the midst of love, passion, and peril, Lane and Stephen struggle to heal the deep scars of the past and come to grips with their feelings for each other. 

But will they survive long enough to do so?


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