Hold for Release Until the End of the World

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This is the last thing you’ll ever see.

Welcome to Daxton. The neighbor is crazy. The roommate is running a perpetual scam. Being degraded by the boss on a daily basis is part of the job. The children are willingly abducted. The probability of getting shot while purchasing groceries is high. And don’t forget to fill your quota of junk strategically placed in your yard to be viewed from the street.

Why would you want to live anywhere else?

2 reviews for Hold for Release Until the End of the World

  1. Jennifer Hanlon

    The author explores a true dystopian society. Very well narrorated, and the story mirrors a lot of ordinary folks lives…if they were totally turned upside down.

  2. Betty Holloway

    This is a thematically bizarro story which isn’t quite bizarre enough. I had hoped after the first few chapters that I was in for a truly unique experience, but instead the world in which Hold for Release Until the End of the World takes place feels more like a rehash of the movie Idiocracy, in which the population has devolved into a society where basic intelligence no longer exists and adults and children alike dole out immature insults at every opportunity. Had the author focused more on ramping up the atypicality of the fictional society rather than tweaking everyday experiences to be just slightly more annoying and over-the-top, the overtly juvenile dialogue may have stuck the landing a bit better.

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