Hill House

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For more than ten years, she lay beneath the floorboards of Hill House. For more than ten years, she waited. Who was she? Who put her there? Why? Harry Starke vows to find the answers to those questions, but to do so he must embark upon an investigation that will put him and those close to him in deadly danger, take him deep into the underground city, the Dark Web, murder, organized crime, prostitution, and human trafficking. One by one, he peels back the layers, and with each one, he sinks a little deeper into the morass, the seamy underbelly of a world few know of, and even fewer want to be a part of. Hill House has many doors. None of them lead anywhere but into darkness and despair.

Book #3 of The Harry Starke Novels series.

1 review for Hill House

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    The majority of people would not encounter child trafficking, or even prostitution.
    To hear that hardened investigators were amazed at the extent of these problems were possibly eye opening to the reader. It isn’t something that people would likely think about, unless, like this episode, it is highlighted and stuck under your nose.
    Anyway, as usual Harry solves a number of situations in this episode that was daunting and evading the police scrutiny.
    Yes, as Harry tends to remind Kate, he’s not bound by the same rules as the police force is.
    This is an awesome series, to this point.

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