The Circus

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The year is 1985, and O’ Hare’s Travelling Circus is touring the country. Their spectacular acts mesmerize audiences everywhere with entertaining clowns, high-flying acrobats, a muscular strongman, and a daredevil motorcycle stuntman, to name a few.

They also have Psychic Sheila – resident fortune-teller and agony aunt – who stumbles through life, one disastrous romantic interlude at a time. Of course, no close-knit group would be complete without its fair share of secrets and who better to uncover them than Sheila, with her sixth sense and natural nose for a good mystery.

But for some members of the clan, time is running out. The race to uncover the biggest secret of all is on.
This cozy mystery will have you laughing and crying in equal measure, and it might even prompt a visit to the circus!

1 review for The Circus

  1. Julie Howard

    I did like this but it wasn’t what I was expecting. It was billed as a modern detective story, so I spent the whole story waiting for a murder to happen (spoiler alert there isn’t any) instead the book is made up lots of everyday mysteries like who is stealing from the circus people? why use water to oil a caravan? And who is the seeing who? All solved by the resident psychic. The stories were short bits of fun and ended with each new chapter. They were often funny and I think great for a car ride or a short journey. The characters were fun and I liked the circus setting making it an unusual story.
    The narrator tried hard with her Irish accents but to an English ear it sounded funny and at times that was what made me laugh

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