Gods Of The Dark Web

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From the author of Engines of Ruin comes a dark suspenseful novel for fans of Black Mirror, Edward Lee, and cosmic horror.

The internet is a scary place. Beneath Facebook and Twitter is another world. One in which anything can be obtained – for a price. A community of black markets, depraved pornography, and death. This is the dark web.

Leon was just curious. He had heard the stories of the secrets and forbidden fetishes that the dark web offered. He was an activist, protesting against war and hate. But after a protest became violent, he felt he needed protection. Being a teenager with no way to buy a gun legally, he had no choice but to turn to the dark web.

This rash decision sends Leon spiraling down into a dark side of humanity that most don’t know – or even want to know – exists. A world of murder, torture, and cannibalism. But behind all that there is something worse. Something stalking him and intent on ruining every aspect of his life. 

Now, Leon is fighting for his life and reputation as he is being hunted by vile and arcane forces. They are the gods of the dark web.

1 review for Gods Of The Dark Web

  1. Jennifer Brum

    An eldritch Lovecraftian god and a cult of depraved followers that find victims using the dark web. Gods of the Dark Web is a short, mean and brutal story about the horrors of the dark web and the vile things that may take place there. This is the urban legend/creepypasta like version of what might be lurking on the dark web. We should all be a little more careful about meeting strange people we found on the internet. I love anything that has to do with the dark web/Internet horror so i just had to read this one when I heard about it.

    There are a few moments in this book that were very gory and extreme so be warned if you have trouble with gore and violence.

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