The Fetishists

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Jefferson Wellman is a lawyer and has everything – such as money. He also has a particular taste when it comes to pleasure. And what Jefferson doesn’t have he can purchase. 

His friend, Richard, visits him at his office one day with a contract and an invitation for a fetish auction by a new company. Bad Pain Entertainment guarantees to have what Jefferson is looking for…a “ponygirl”. But when Jefferson shows up for the auction located in a remote wooded area, things don’t go exactly as planned: Richard never arrives, Bad Pain’s personnel are a little peculiar, Jefferson wakes up missing a few fingers, and the rest of the attendees are dead. 

Jefferson believes he has the knowledge to keep his reputation from being ruined. But what he doesn’t know is he is now the focus of a new kind of fetish.

1 review for The Fetishists

  1. Gabrielle Lee

    When Jefferson goes to a fetish auction, he finds more than he bargains for. As he goes full out and enjoys himself Jefferson is thrust into something bigger and scarier than he could ever imagine. Things go so far off the track that there may never be a way back.

    Jefferson’s story is not for the faint hearted and does not always make sense. In the beginning it jumps back and forth too many times between what is happening now and what happened the night before. The story has Jefferson in many different scenarios that you have no idea how he got there. A lot of details are hinted at but left open, so the listener really has no idea who is tormenting Jefferson and why. Jefferson comes off as so unlikable in the beginning making it hard to feel anything for him when the tables are turned. Many details are repeated throughout the story from his choice of drink to his missing fingers which quickly becomes monotonous. I would have enjoyed more depth to the story and the characters. The idea for the plot line was a really interesting one and I think that if it and the characters were fleshed out some more it would be more enjoyable. Once we get into the second half of the story it flows better and you can see that the author has some talent. The book ends abruptly, and listeners are left with more questions than answers

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