Dead Case

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Plagued with the talent of seeing the ghosts of murder victims, Wayne Ballard is on a hunt to find the vigilante responsible. 

Wayne wasn’t sure if it was a gift or misfortune being able to see ghosts. It wouldn’t be so bad if the apparitions didn’t appear to look the way they did when they died. There were some that were headless while others may have been missing extremities or suffered from a fatal gunshot wound to the chest. Sometimes it felt so unreal he thought maybe he was losing his mind, letting his imagination run wild. He probably would’ve thought madness was setting in on him if it weren’t for the fact that these ghosts showed him things. 

They showed him the clues needed to help him move on to the next step of his investigation. They wanted to help him bring down the one responsible for the current murder spree. Every incident brings him deeper into the mind of the killer. So deep he dreams of the ghosts. He dreams of every murder taking place. In his mind he can see the dark shadow of someone killing all of the victims. 

The shadow is ruthless. It slays without any regrets and appears to be enjoying every gory detail of his massacre. It’s only when the dark stranger shows up at his house that Wayne knows it’s only a matter of time until this killer gets to him. 

Wayne runs out of spare time, spending all of it chasing down the killer. He neglects his wife, constantly leaving notes for her, telling her he’s sorry for everything. The notes back and forth last up until he finds out a horrible truth that sends him closer to the edge of his sanity. There isn’t much more he can handle before falling off the deep end. 

Wayne is teamed up with his new partner, Gus, and head FBI investigator Agent Sanderson. Together the three hope to find enough clues to find and take down the vigilante. The only hard part of the investigation for Wayne is keeping his gift of seeing ghosts from those around him. It becomes nearly impossible to do when his relationship with Agent Sanderson takes an unsuspected turn. If she finds out would she be able to keep his secret?

After one twist to the next, Wayne discovers a darker side of himself. There is bottled up hate and anger about everything that has happened to him. Vengeful tendencies overshadow his thoughts. Revenge sets in his mind to the point of no control. Blackout after blackout leads him to whom he thinks is the murderer. Is it his long time friend and ex-partner Paul Peterson or maybe someone even closer than that. It’s not until the final shot is fired that Wayne truly understands the meaning of the ghosts and all of his bad dreams.


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