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An ancient fundamentalist organization executes several attacks simultaneously across the globe. A deadly viral compound is unleashed in the Pentagon, and the airborne virus turns the building’s population into zombies. A Secret Service agent, coerced by the terrorists to assassinate several heads of state, sends the world into chaos.

Meanwhile, a former army officer stranded in the Midwest is forced to fight for his life while his fiancé is trapped in the Washington, DC quarantine zone and a desperate US Army Delta team searches for a way to end the madness.

They must each fight for their own survival as the nation battles to end the zombie threat before it becomes a global pandemic.

©2019 Brian Parker (P)2019 Muddy Boots Press, LLC

3 reviews for Gnash

  1. Angie Holt

    Reminiscent of Nicholas Sansbury Smith…….
    I’ve only discovered this author in the past month and I’m loving him! His writing is very similar to Nicholas Sansbury Smith, whom I love.
    I can’t say anything bad about Gnash. There’s a terrorist attack where the virus is released in Washington DC. The story line was detailed and well thought out. The zombies aren’t your typical zombies. The initial zombies are smarter and they can control the second round of zombies. That was a unique aspect. The only thing that I was hoping would be different is the love story. (Die hard zombie fans, don’t worry, this is no love story!) There’s just a relationship within the story that I was hoping would go a different way at the end. There are 2 more books. So you never know! 😉
    The narrator was perfect! He did a good job with the females’ voices also.
    I already have book 2 downloaded and am starting it now.

  2. Mia Harper

    This book starts with USA suffering a terrorist attack, but as if thats not enough, a foreign power takes heavy handed steps to contain the problem, causing ever increasing nightmares for the survivors. I really enjoyed this book, there is non-stop action and plenty of gore, with a dash of romance thrown in, book 2 here I come

  3. Tim B

    I enjoyed listening to this book, even though I tend to shy away from the zombie genre, but I gave this book a chance as I enjoyed another trilogy of this author, A Path of Ashes.

    I’ll certainly be continuing the series and may delve into other zombie books by author’s I’ve previously read!

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