Girls’ Night Out Murder

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Come along and join in the madcap adventures of Ryli and Aunt Shirley on their latest and most hilarious mystery yet. The daring duo will have you holding your sides laughing, one minute, and holding your breath in anticipation, the next.

Wedding bells are pealing madly for Matt and Paige. While Ryli and her wisecracking sidekick Aunt Shirley should be hard at work preparing for the bachelorette party and wedding at the family lake house, they instead find themselves smack-dab in the middle of a murder investigation.

Ryli is targeted by the Cavern Beach police department as the number one suspect in the crime. Hoping to stay out of jail and make it to the wedding on time, Ryli and Aunt Shirley jump in headfirst to catch the killer. 

Between popping jello shots and interrogating reluctant strippers, Ryli and Aunt Shirley chase down clues to narrow their list of suspects, but will they find the real killer before the wedding ceremony and before Ryli is taken into custody for the murders…or, more importantly, before Ryli ends up being the next victim?

©2016 Jenna St. James (P)2019 Jenna St. James

1 review for Girls’ Night Out Murder

  1. Julie Howard

    This is the first book by this author that I have listened to or read but it won’t be the last as I really enjoyed it, I might have to get book one. I liked the characters but especially the feisty Aunt Shirley and found her antics very funny but glad she isn’t my aunt or I would have died from embarrassment. The mystery was good but I had worked out who the killer was before the end of the book. Still a good listen that I enjoyed.
    Ryli’s brother is marrying her best friend but things don’t run smoothly for the happy couple. First they have to deal with a drunk aunt Shirley helping to plan there big day. The second problem is when the girls arrive at the lake house cabin they arrive just in time to get caught up in a murder. Ryli is the one to find the body and automatically becomes the number one suspect in the eyes of the police. Under the fear of being arrested Ryli and aunt Shirley start to question old friends and follow clues in the hopes to solve the murder before the wedding. Despite the murder casting a dark shadow over the whole presiding the girls decide to go ahead and have the hen party, that is until the police break up the celebrations with the news that another close friend had been murdered and they are looking even harder at Ryli. Can Aunt Shirley put down the jello shots and cake tasting samples in time to get to the bottom of the murders?
    I like the narrator and thought she did a good job giving each character there own voice and bringing the story to life.

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