The Harrowing of Hell


There’s a secret about the Son of God most won’t believe? 

Jack Elliot is back in another harrowing adventure, and this time he’s taking his partner, Calvin, along for the ride. Neither is qualified to do the dangerous work Jack has set out to do, but that doesn’t stop them from taking on the mission. 

Deep in the heart of the Congo, a dangerous artifact was hidden a long time ago. 

One that is said to wield the power of resurrection. 

As they seek out an old man living somewhere along the Congo River who supposedly knows about the artifact, a mysterious boy abducts Jack behind Calvin’s back. With a machete in each hand and only a direction to follow, he runs off chopping his way through the jungle! 

The mission heats up when they learn the artifact is linked to a secret from the beginning days of the church. If uncovered, the veil of hope protecting humanity will be torn down. If it exists, it cannot fall into the wrong hands. 

The Harrowing of Hell, the second book in The Jack Elliot Thriller series, is sure to deliver fast-paced, thrilling action, and adventure with a strong sense of mystery. Fans of Dan Brown, James Rollins, or Clive Cussler are sure to love this series!                         


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