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If Teddy’s dark secret is discovered, even her wealth and good looks won’t save her.

When Asher Rose met Teddy King, he knew it’d be trouble, but it was just the kind of trouble he didn’t mind falling in. What he hadn’t planned on was falling hard for the girl no one could tame.

Strap yourself in for a sexy ride fill of intensity and disaster that spirals all the way down.

Note: This is the second edition of this title. It features bonus chapters that were not featured in its first edition. It is also part one of a new adult I/R romance. Suggested for mature audiences due to its explicit sex and moderate drug use.

1 review for F*THS

  1. Amy Corbell

    This story at first glance is just about friends with benefits but I found it had more depth than that. Teddie has a secret that she doesn’t share with many people. When she starts hooking up with Asher, they both start catching feelings but neither are at a place to commit. Then there is Reggie, who is both their friend and sometimes lover with Teddie. Where does everyone stand? I am curious to see where the story leads with book #2.

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